Curious Question #12 – As Well

This question is about “as well”. Is it exactly the same as “too”? Can it also be used in another way? Check out this episode to find out! Listen to fun English podcasts with natural expressions and everyday vocabulary for language learners. Every Culips episode has interesting elements of culture as well as language.


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Other words like “too” and “as well”
    •  Also
    • Additionally
    • To boot (slang)
    • Likewise
  • Sentence placement
  • As well as
  • Delirium

Sample transcript

Harp: This time, we have a question from Robby in Belgium.

Maura: When do you use “as well”? Sometimes I see this word at the end of a sentence to mean “too” and sometimes not. When must (or can) we use this word?

Harp: The answer to this question is pretty simple. We can use “as well” just as we use “too.” Robby was right.

Harp: I would like some pizza. Maura: I would like some pizza too. Harp: I would like some ice cream.

Maura: I would like some ice cream as well.

Harp: At the end of a sentence “as well” is just the same as “too.” The only small distinction is that “as well” is a bit more formal sounding than “too.” When speaking or writing in a more formal situation, or just to sound a bit more polite, replace “as well” for “too.”

Maura: She wants to go to the park too.

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