Catch Word #16 – Crazy

At Culips we always try to be a little crazy! This word has a literal meaning but also tons of slang ways to use it. In North America it is a very popular word. Other similar words include, “insane”, “bananas”, “nuts”. Check out this podcast to hear how we use them all.


Expressions included in the learning materialsbungeejumping

  • Crazy
  • Politically correct or PC
  • Crazy slang
  • Day-to-day
  • A wimp
  • Insane
  • One hundred percent
  • Strict
  • Nuts and bananas
  • Dora the Explorer
  • To go crazy
  • To lose your mind

Sample transcript

Maura: Well, I could say that I went to see a movie and the movie was crazy.
Harp:So, does that mean that it was mentally unstable?
Maura: No, it means that it was interesting, different, probably lots of energy.
Harp: OK, I understand, I understand. So, we use “crazy” in terms of something that is good, something fun, something exiting. For example, I went bungee jumping and it was crazy. Or I went skydiving, some adventure sport, something, you know?
Maura: Yeah, that’s a pretty crazy thing to do.

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