Chatterbox #3 – Movie Review: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight was the summer blockbuster! Is it playing in theatres where you are now? Maura gives her review in this episode and we talk about tons of movie vocabulary. Check out this episode and the film!


Expressions included in the learning materialsmoviepopcorn

  • Blockbuster
  • A couple
  • Buzz
  • Cheap
  • Packed
  • Big Screen
  • Oscar
  • Before our time
  • Back in the Olden days
  • To curl up

Sample transcript

Harp: Did you watch the first one of this series, the Batman Begins?
Maura: Nope, not even.
Harp: Oh, that was a very good one.
Maura: Oh really?
Harp: Really good, it’s the only superhero that I’ve ever liked.
Maura: Well you’ll probably like this one because this one has received more buzz, you know?
Harp: Yup.
Maura: Everyone is talking about it. It’s crazy. It’s like if you haven’t seen it people are wondering why not, like you have to see it.

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