Chatterbox #4 – Birthday Parties

In honour of Harp and Maura’s birthdays we decided to do a podcast about birthdays! In this episode, we talk about birthday parties (mostly for kids and teenagers) and what activities are a usually part of them. We also talk about the special birthdays in a person’s life, like the big 3-0!


Harp : My birthday is October 13
Maura : Yup and my birthday is October 30. They probably sound really similar but Harps is 1-3 and mine is 3-0. So we both have Happy Birthday Harp & Maura!birthdays in this special month.
Harp : Ok, so lets talk about birthdays when we were young.
Maura : Yeah, lets talk about birthdays. Birthday parties when you are young are so much fun. You love having them, you love going to them. It is just a good time.
Harp : Exactly, my favorite part I think, well there were two favorite parts. I liked the games, like piñata and the pin the tail on the donkey.

Podcast/ Learning Materials: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Maura & Harp