Chatterbox #5 – Halloween

Halloween is a super fun day to wear halloween costumes, visit haunted houses and eat candy. This day is especially for children but adults celebrate too. Harp and Maura talk about lots of Halloween traditions and explain new vocabulary, like trick or treat (this is important if you want candy!)


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Halloween:
  • Costume/dressing up
  • Here is a list of some traditional Halloween costumes:
    • Witch (an evil woman who wears all black)
    • Ghost (a spirit, someone or something not alive)
    • Vampire (a man who sucks the blood of humans)
    • Fairy (a woman with wings and a magic wand)
    • Clown (a silly man or woman with a red nose)
    • Devil • Cowboy

Sample transcript

Harp: So, Halloween is celebrated on October thirty first (31st). Always the same day regardless of what day it is in the week.

Maura: Yeah, the last day of October. It’s become a pretty international holiday. I wonder if anyone out there celebrates Halloween.

Harp: Yeah and maybe people do things a little bit differently.

Maura: Yeah, the costumes are usually part of it or the ghosts and witches and scariness.

Harp: Maybe there’s different games you play. Write us! Tell us how you do it! So let’s talk about North American Halloween. What was your favourite part of Halloween?

Maura: Well, to be honest, when I was a kid my favourite part definitely had to be the candy.

Harp: Yes. So how do you get candy for Halloween?

Maura: Well, you have to dress up in a costume. You can choose whatever you like, could be something scary, like a witch or a ghost, but you can be a princess, or when I was a kid I was a punk in the eighties, you, know for probably five years in a row I dressed up as a punk, you know, fluorescent clothes, crazy spiked hair.

Harp: Yeah, I know, I know what you are saying. I think most people use the same costume more than one time.

Maura: What did you used to dress up as?

Harp: My best costume was when I was a TV. It was awesome. I got this cardboard box and I cut out a piece for my head and then I put tin foil on the front and I had little antennas coming from my head. I think I have a picture that maybe I’ll put on the website.

Maura: Nice!

Harp: It was the best costume!

Maura : Awesome!

Harp : Yeah it was very difficult to wear but it was awesome.

Maura: So you get dressed up in any costume you want and then you walk around in your neighbourhood going to every door, ringing the doorbell and then you say…

Maura and Harp: TRICK OR TREAT!

Harp: Are we going to do the whole song?

Maura: There is a song that we can sing and we will sing it for you. Are you ready?

english PodcastAudio/Learning Materials: Culips,  Photo: Maura Smith