Curious Question #15 – Had Better

You had better listen to this episode! Did you understand this first sentence? If you didn’t, check out this episode and hear us explain “had better” for you. We will also give you lots of examples of how to use it.

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • Had better
  • Ought to
  • Situations when we use “had better” Here are some more specific descriptions of when you can use “had better.” In all these examples there are still bad consequences implied.
  • Giving strong advice She had better do her homework. (This sentence is stronger than “She should do her homework.”)
  • As a warning You had better stay home tonight. (This is said by a parent to their teenage child.)
  • Hope He had better call me tonight. (I hope he calls me tonight.)
  • Must do something (with urgency) I had better do my homework. (The work needs to be done right away.)

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