Catch Word #18 – Out of it

How are you feeling today? Are you a bit out of it? Here we look at a common expression for not quite feeling awake or present. Maybe Canadians are always sleepy because we use this expression often! Learn about it and similar expressions in this episode.


Expressions included in the learning materialsgroggy

  • Out of it
  • Groggy
  • To zone out
  • Oka / Pierrefonds
  • Half asleep
  • To stare off into space / stare into nothing
  • To have your head in the clouds

Sample transcript

Maura: Yeah, a lot of people are out of it in the morning, for sure. I remember an old roommate of mine used to tell me that I was out of it.
Robin: Really?
Maura: Yeah, and when are you out of it?
Robin: When am I out of it? I think sometimes if I do a lot of exercising and then I come back home and I am really tired, I can be pretty much out of it.
Maura: Right so you are kind of tired, not talkative. It is important that we point out, about this expression that we really don’t pronounce each word properly. It is out of it, but we never pronounce it clearly, do we?

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