Chatterbox# 7 – Jessie is on the Spot

Introducing Jessie! Jessie is joining the Culips team and will be helping us host future episodes. We cover the basics, how long she has been in Montreal and what she is doing here. Jessie also worked as an English teacher in South Korea, like Harp. In this episode, they both talk about their experiences teaching and living the Korean life.

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Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To stick around
  • North Bay, Ontario
  • It’s quite a ways
  • Igloos and dogsleds
  • To shatter
  • Neat
  • Kleenex

Sample transcript

Harp: Yeah, we have both done the teaching English in Korea. So how long were you there for?

Jessie: I was there for one year.

Harp: One year in Korea, and where in Korea were you?

Jessie: I was near a town called Geung-jo.

Harp: Which is in the south?

Jessie: Yeah, it is way in the south of Korea.

Harp: OK, so tell me about your year there.

Jessie: Well, I had a pretty incredible year there. I experienced a lot of new things there: I met some really great people, saw some really neat mountains, and did some hiking. Overall, it was one of the best years of my life.

Harp: I agree, I would say the exact same thing. Definitely! So now what did you think of the food?

Jessie: I have to say that I loved the food!

Harp: Really?

Jessie: I did.

Harp: I agree with you one hundred percent!

english PodcastAudio/Learning Materials: Culips, Photo: Jessie Cox