Curious Question #17 – Email closings

Are most of you out there writing emails in English? Are you getting bored with ending your emails the same way all the time? Well, then this episode is for you! Here we discuss which email endings are appropriate and when to use them. We also give some fun ideas on how to be more creative with your email closings!


Maura: Yes, there are tons and tons of ways to end an email. Often people use the standard ones, always the same kind of thing. But then other people are really creative and original.
Jessie:Yeah. There are some people who will never end an email the same way twice.
Maura:Yeah, that’s true. And since it’s a new way to communicate, there aren’t really any “rules” about how to end it.
Jessi:Yeah. It’s not like you can just look it up in the dictionary.
Maura:Exactly. And some people don’t write anything. If you’re writing a really quick email you just sign your name or nothing.
Maura:So in her email, Yuko mentioned two ideas in her question. She said that she uses “Thanks” and ”Bye for now”. And with “Bye for now” can pretty much use it any time, yeah?

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast