Catch Word #19 – Have a crush

Have you ever had a crush? At some time in your life, you have probably had a crush, someone who you liked in a special way. This week, Maura and Robin are talking about the expression, “to have a crush on someone”. They also look at other ways that you can say that you are thinking about someone romantically.**This could be important for you if you have a crush on an English speaker.

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Expressions included in the learning materialsfallinlove

  • To have a crush on (someone)
  • To get to know
  • Kindergarten
  • Fireworks
  • To bump into (someone)
  • Ontario Place
  • To be interested in (someone)
  • To wrap (something) up

Sample transcript

Maura : It sounds like you have had some crushes!
Robin: Me? I don’t know actually I can remember one when I was young, when I was, I think, 5 years old.
Maura : Tell us.
Robin: I was in Kindergarten and I had this wonderful teacher named Mrs. Carter and she was married, so it wouldn’t have worked out between us but I remember we went out to see some fireworks, my family and I and we bumped into her at Ontario place, a place in Ontario, and I remember that my heart was jumping in my chest because I ran into her but she was a really wonderful teacher, really wonderful person and because of that I got excited when I thought about her.
Maura : Yeah for sure, so a crush isn’t usually very serious so it can be between like Robin’s case, a kid, a child and maybe even an adult. It is innocent, not serious.

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