Chatterbox #8 – Christmas

Here is your Culips Christmas episode! This time we are trying a new format, with three distinct categories for you! We discuss Christmas Greetings, funny Christmas traditions and Harp’s worst and best presents from past Christmases.
Most people learn the basic Christmas vocabulary so we wanted to offer you something a bit different. Have you ever heard of fruitcake? Do you know mistletoe?

Sample Dialogue:

Harp: So I never had mistletoe at my house but I have always seen it in TV. Can you describe to me what it is?
Maura: Sure, it is a small plant and it has green leaves and little white berries and yeah I had one at my house when I was a kid, it was fake, it was not real. We used the same one every year but yeah we had mistletoe.
Harp: Ok so basically with mistletoe you hang it from the ceiling and when there is two people under it they have to kiss.
Maura: Exactly, you need two people, you can’t kiss yourself. So when two people suddenly find themselves underneath the mistletoe they are supposed to kiss.
Harp: Exactly, so it is a fun, I would say harmless, tradition.

Podcast/ Learning Material: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Culips Team