Curious Question #18 – Call it a day

Here we look at a question about the expressions, Let’s call it a day and Let’s call it a night. These expressions are used often after work has been done or you are feeling tired. Listen to this episode for specific cases of when these expressions are appropriate! You’ll also learn about another similar expression, Let’s call it quits!


Sample Dialogue:

Jessie : Right, so we use this expression to mean that we are going to stop working and hopefully start relaxing.
Maura: Yes relaxing is good. We could use it in any situation where you are working. It doesn’t have to be at your job. For example, maybe you are a student and you have been working on a school project with your friends and you have been working all afternoon. So you could continue working all night too but you decide that that is enough, that is enough studying, that is enough work. You can say “let’s call it a day”
Jessie : So it kind of means the same thing as “let’s stop working now”.
Maura: Exactly.
Jessie : So if it was last night but we had been working all day and into the night, could we still say “let’s call it a day”?

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast