Catch Word #20 – Cold Feet

Have you ever had cold feet? As an expression this is not actually connected to the temperature of your feet! If you have cold feet it means that you are not sure about a big decision. You are reconsidering that decision and you are not certain if you really want to do it. Don’t have cold feet about this episode – Listen to it!


Sample Dialogue

Jessie: What is today’s expression?
Maura: Today’s expression is “to get cold feet.
Jessie: Ooh, that’s a good one. Now are we doing this just because it’s winter?
Maura: No, in this case “to have cold feet” doesn’t have anything to do with the temperature of your feet.
Jessie: Yeah! It’s weird.
Maura: It’s a real expression, it doesn’t have any literal meaning. Your feet are not cold.
Jessie: So, Maura, what does it mean to get cold feet?
Maura: Well, we use this expression to mean that we’re not sure, we’re having doubts about a big decision that we made.
Jessie: Yeah, we usually get cold feet right before a big change or a big decision.
Maura: Right, maybe even you’ve made the decision, but then you’re not sure, you start feeling uncomfortable, you don’t know if you want to actually do what you said you were going to do.
Jessie: Right! I think that the expression “to get cold feet” is used a lot when we’re talking about getting married.
Maura: A lot! I’ve heard that used for marriage a lot.
Jessie: Yeah, sometimes someone will say that they’re starting to get cold feet about their wedding.
Maura: Exactly.

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