Chatterbox #9 – Rita in Montreal

There are so many different people in Montreal from all over the world. Not one of us in the Culips team is actually from Montreal (we’re from other parts of Canada). But we have a friend Rita who is actually from this city! In this episode, Maura chats with Rita about growing up in Montreal, and her experiences with all the cultures and languages here! Thanks Rita!


Sample transcript

Maura: So, what was it like growing up in this fun great city, Montreal?
Rita: It was great. I grew up in an Anglophone community so a lot of my friends were English. I’m first-generation Italian-Canadian. My parents came to Canada, to Montreal, in 1968 with my two brothers and my mom was pregnant with my sister.
Maura: Ok
Rita: But we had a lot of family here with us as well, so it made that transition a lot easier. I grew up in a great neighborhood, it was very multicultural. I had Greek friends, I had Jewish friends, I had Italian friends. So it was just a lot of friends.
Maura: That is something else that I think is really special about Montreal, there are so many different cultures and often they live all together. So they are not just living separately, there’s all kinds of cultures interacting together.
Rita: Absolutely, absolutely. You can see anyone from anywhere anytime.

Podcast/ Learning Material: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Rita D’Amico