Close Up #9 – Love at First Sight

Happy Valentine’s Day! In this episode we are talking about the phenomenon of falling in love at first sight. Actually Robin and Harp are continuing their conversation from last episode and Maura explains some of the expressions they use. You’ll also learn about Cupid! Do you know Cupid?


Robin : But how long does it take to fall in love with somebody?

Harp : I don’t think there is a time I would put on it but more than just one meeting. The first meeting would get me interested in someone
Robin : And then the second one you would fall in love. Alright!

Maura : “Fall in love” Does everyone know this expression? When you meet someone and you start to love them, this is called falling in love. Maybe we say “fall” because you have no control over it. When you feel love, you can’t control it either.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast