Close Up #8 – Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s one week until Valentine’s Day and to get you in the mood for love we are uploading our episode a week early! Maura talks a bit about the history of Valentine’s Day to start and then we listen to a REAL conversation between Robin and Harp about Valentine’s Day. What do Robin and Harp think about Valentine’s Day? (Their conversation will finish in next week’s conclusion episode, called “Love at First Sight”.)


Sample Dialoguev-day2

Harp : But one time my boyfriend bought me flowers and I was living in France and he was living in Canada and that was really romantic.
Robin : Really?
Harp : Really
Robin : Did you cry?
Harp : I didn’t cry but I was very happy.
Robin : OK, OK.
Harp : It was very unexpected but typically I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. How about you?
Robin : Typically I really like Valentine’s Day….

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