Catch Word #23 – Plan B

Sometimes we have a plan to do something and it does not work. In that case we need to plan something different, and that is when we use this expression. If you want to listen to this podcast, but your internet is not working, you will have to go to Plan B! What is your Plan B?


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Plan B
  • Backup plan
  • To back up”
  • Fallback
  • Work / Work Out
  • Cheating/Copying
  • Can’t help it

Sample transcript

Jessie: So Maura, what’s today’s expression?

Maura: Today’s expression …”plan B.”

Jessie: “Plan B,” I like that one a lot.

Maura: Yeah, it’s a good one. What is “plan B,” Jessie?

Jessie: Well, plan B is something you decide to do after the first thing you wanted to do didn’t work out.

Maura: Right! So, your first choice, something you wanted to do first, it doesn’t work. So you decide to do something else, something different, a second option.

Jessie: Yeah, so we call that option “plan B.”

Maura: Right and “B” makes sense because first you have “A,” then “B” is the second letter so “B” is the second plan.

Jessie: Exactly! So we might not call our first plan “plan A,” but we can still call our second plan “plan B.”

Maura: Right! So, an example could be I wanted to make something for dinner, I wanted to make pizza, but then I realized I didn’t have tomato sauce, so I went to plan B, I decided to make something different for dinner.

Jessie: Right! So in that case, making pizza was your first plan and it didn’t work out so your plan B was to make something else.

Maura: Yeah, I made pasta instead.

Jessie: Oh, sounds good .

Maura: Yeah, it was a good plan B.

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