Catch Word #21 – Pig Out

Everyone likes to pig out sometimes! We usually pig out at parties or on special occasions. But sometimes we don’t need a special excuse to pig out. To pig out is related to food and eating. To understand exactly when and how to use listen to the expression pig out you have to check out this episode. (We suggest eating chips, chocolate bars and cake while listening!) Enjoy!


 Sample transcript

Jessie: So if I was talking to my friend and I noticed that they were eating a lot, should I say “hey, you’re really pigging out”?
Maura: No, definitely not! It’s very rude to say it to someone.
Jessie: Really! Well, when could I say it then?
Maura: Well you would just use it to talk about yourself because you can say what you want about yourself. If you are eating a lot of chips or popcorn at a party, you could say “look at me, I’m pigging out!”
Jessie: Oh, OK, that makes sense. So I can say it about myself, but I shouldn’t say it about other people.
Maura: Yeah, definitely not, it is not polite at all. People won’t like if you tell them they are pigging out.
Jessie: OK.
Maura: OK, good. That’s a good point to remember. OK, let’s finish up there. So we had “pig out,” “stuff your face,” and then you “feel stuffed,” and what was the last one?
Jessie: “I gained 10 pounds.”

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast