Chatterbox #10 – Facebook

Are you already on Facebook? Facebook is a very popular social media network.  It is fun to use and helps you stay connected to people you care about. To find out more and learn some Facebook vocabulary, listen to Harp and Maura talk about it here!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Facebook
  • Huge
  • Terminology
  • By a long shot
  • A passing fad
  • Controversy

Sample transcript

Harp: So Facebook is a social networking website. You have a profile and you can put pictures up, you can invite people to different events, you can join different networks. It is basically a way of keeping in touch with your friends.
Maura: Right. So before they had MySpace, which was pretty popular and I know in Japan they have Mixi. Do you know any other ones?
Harp: There is Bebo, I think that’s in South Korea and there’s more out there.
Maura: Right, social networking sites are everywhere but Facebook is for sure the biggest one in North America, in Europe as well. It’s almost everywhere now.

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