Curious Question #19 – Calling names

Have you ever been called a name? It is not a nice experience. Mohammed from Egypt wrote to us and asked us about this expression, to call someone names? He wanted to know if it was insulting or not. To find out about this expression and to hear some example of names check out this episode!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Insulting
  • To call someone names
  • Bad names
  • Bad words
  • Mean
  • One hundred percent sure!
  • You big smelly horse

Sample transcript

Maura : Yeah, there are all sorts of possibilities of calling people names.
Robin : Absolutely.
Maura : So, for example we could say, “John called Paul an idiot and a jerk”. So John called Paul names.
Robin : That’s right
Maura : Hey, I got another example.
Robin : What is that?
Maura : Robin, did you hear that Sarah was calling Peter names?
Robin : Oh really, what was she calling him?
Maura : She was calling him stupid. Yup, not very nice.

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