Catch Word #25 – To get ahead of yourself

If you try to use an expression before you know the definition then you are getting ahead of yourself! That is why it is always good to listen to our podcasts 😉
We look at this expression and other similar ones about looking too far into the future. The other expressions include to jump the gun and to count your chickens before they have hatched. Start listening to find out what they all mean.


Expressions included in the learning materialsslowdown

  • To get ahead of yourself
  • Assume
  • Way
  • ‘cause
  • Sounds like it
  • A raise
  • To jump the gun
  • To count your chickens before they have hatched
  • To hatch
  • Oops

Sample transcript

Jessie: People who are impatient, I think often get ahead of themselves ‘cause they don’t like waiting for something to happen so they start making plans and acting as if it already happened.
Maura: For sure, sometimes I can get ahead of myself when I am excited about an idea but I’m thinking about the result more in the future.
Jessie: Right.
Maura: Or another example could be. A friend of mine thought she got a promotion at work, and so she thought she was going to have more money, she thought got a raise so she went out and bought a new car because she was so sure and unfortunately she didn’t get the promotion so she got ahead of herself.
Jessie: Sounds like it.

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