Chatterbox #12 – Jewelry Designer Sheena Purcell

We’d like to introduce Sheena Purcell to you. She is a new friend of ours at Culips and she is super talented. In this Chatterbox episode, Sheena tells us a little bit about her experience as a jewelry designer and how she decided to start making jewelry. We also find out what inspires her beautiful creations! Check out her designs on her website.


Expressions included in the learning materialsSheena Purcell

  • Nova Scotia
  • In the back of my mind
  • A major
  • Metalsmith
  • Draw
  • Piece
  • Body language
  • Let’s see
  • To lose someone
  • To do or to make jewelry?

Sample transcript

Sheena: Sure. My name’s Sheena. I’m from the east coast of Canada, a place called
Nova Scotia, and I’ve been living here in Montreal for about nine months
now, and before that I moved from Japan where I was living for about three
and a half years. Yeah, I was in Japan teaching English and also making
Harp: Wow, OK! So, I went to your website today and your jewelry designs are
amazing. So tell me, you went to school for jewelry design or how did you
get started?
Sheena: Yes. Well, actually my mother was a jeweler when I was a child, and she
stopped when I was about eight years old. So, it was always something that I
was a little bit interested in, but it was in the back of my mind. But I started
studying art at university, and when I was in my second year I started to try
the jewelry program and I realized that it was something I liked and I did a
major in jewelry design and metalsmithing and I graduated in 2004.
Harp: So, where do you draw inspiration for your pieces?
Sheena: I’ve lived in a lot of different places, so I get a lot of inspiration from the
people that I’m around and the way that people interact when they’re in
situations where they don’t have language or when they can’t communicate
using words. So body language, or the way that people interact with one
another, also nature, different forms, patterns that I may see from plants, ice,
sand. Things like this.

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