Catch Word #26 – Get Down

Get down is very important for you to know if you like to party! If you like to go out to the club and dance you will hear this expression! Or if you like to listen to dance music, it is fun to know all the slang for dancing. 


Expressions included in the learning materialsgetdown

  • To boogie
  • To move
  • To cut a rug
  • To talk about professional dancing
  • And don’t forget to shake your booty

Sample transcript

Robin : So for example, would you like to get down with me and my friends this weekend at the club?
Maura : Yeah, I love getting down to good music.
Robin : Yeah. Indeed.
Maura : So we wouldn’t use it in a professional way, to talk about professional dancing or performance. It is really just casual, for fun. What is another slang term for dancing?
Robin : We can talk about shaking your booty.
Maura: Yeah, shaking your booty. Nice. So basically your booty is your bum.
Robin: Your bum, your buttocks.
Maura: Yeah, exactly. And you move your bum when you dance, most people do.
Robin: You wiggle it from side to side, in a way so you’re shaking—you’re shaking,
in a similar way that you’d shake a bag, shake salt—you’re shaking your bum,
shaking your booty.
Maura: Right, so that’s another one you hear in songs—and maybe in movies as
well—people use that one. So “to dance,” “to get down,” “to shake your
booty.” So what’s another one?
Robin: To boogie!

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