Chatterbox #13 – Harp’s Trip to India

Harp recently went on a trip to India with her family. Have you ever been to India? Harp tells us about the weather and the food. She also tells us about shopping in India, because this was a shopping trip with Harp’s two sisters and mom!


Expressions included in the learning materialstriptoindia

  • Out of nowhere
  • By far
  • Turmeric
  • Vegetarian
  • Lenga, sari
  • Chai
  • It’s out of this world
  • Gonna (slang)
  • Manners
  • What was the weather like when you were there?

Sample transcript

Maura: And what is shopping like in India?
Harp: Oh it is fantastic. It is completely different from North America.
Maura: Oh really?
Harp: Yeah. So I guess if you go to a shopping mall in India or in Delhi or in one of the big cities it’s the same, but we were looking for Indian clothes so we were trying to buy the lenga, the saris, the suit. And I’ll put pictures on the website so you can understand what that means. OK, so you go into a store and first thing you… sit down, right away. There is no walking around.

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