Catch Word #28 – Terms of endearment

Oh Sweetheart! Sweetheart is one of the most popular terms people use to show someone they care about them. Every language has special names to use when speaking to the one you love. In English we have tons of names like this. This episode Maura and Robin explain some of these dear names, and when you might want to use them.


Expressions included in the learning materialssweetheart

  • Terms of endearment
  • Care about / Care for
  • Partner
  • Safe/safest bet
  • Sweetheart/Sweetie/Sweetie pie

Sample transcript

Maura: Robin, do you use these terms of endearment, these special words for people?
Robin: Not so often, but it’s probably because I don’t have a romantic partner.
Maura: Well, I have a romantic partner but we don’t usually use these words, and I don’t use them with my family or friends either. Like we said, some people don’t use them at all. It’s probably the best advice to not use them because it’s hard to know when a good time to use them is.
Robin: And if you do use them, use them with your romantic partner. That’s probably the safest bet.
Maura: Right, so don’t use them but if you want to, if you want to try it, use these words with a romantic partner or a really close friend or family member. Ok, so now let’s get into these words.
Robin: We have a couple of them. There’s sweetheart, and sweetie, and there’s sweetie pie…

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