Catch Word #29 – Hold a Grudge

Are you holding a grudge against someone? Have you been mad at someone for a week? A year? 10 years? We hope not! To hold a grudge is not a good thing and means that you are mad for a long time. It is much nicer to be happy! Listen to this fun episode to learn more about holding a grudge and having hard feelings.


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To hold a grudge (against someone)
  • Mad or Angry?
  • Dating exes of friends
  • Unwritten rule
  • To have hard feelings
  • No hard feelings?
  • Coulda
  • To blow up at someone

Sample transcript

Harp: So maybe something happened 10 years ago but you’re still angry, you’re still holding a grudge.
Robin: OK, can you give me an example?
Harp: For sure. So let’s say, that I have an ex-boyfriend and my friend decides she wants to date him and so she dates him for maybe a month. That is my ex-boyfriend, she is not allowed to date him! I’m still going to hold a grudge 10 years, 20 years later. I think it is an unwritten rule you can’t date your friends exes.
Robin: Ok so you would be mad 20 years later.
Harp: Ok maybe not 20 years but I would hold a grudge for a while.

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