Catch Word #31 – To Pull Strings

Sometimes it is not easy to get what we want. What we want could be a job or tickets to a really popular show. In these cases, sometimes we can pull strings to get what we want. When people pull some strings, they use power to get what they want. Is it fair to pull strings?


Expressions included in the learning materialspullsomestrings

  • To pull (some) strings
  • Puppet
  • Strings
  • Sold out
  • Nepotism
  • (It) turns out
  • A slang word “hot”
  • In advance

Sample transcript

Harp: This is an idiomatic expression so there aren’t any real physical strings. It’s just an expression.
Maura: Right, the strings really represent the power and the connections to power that you have.
Harp: Exactly.
Maura: Good, you can pull strings, if you have power.
Harp: Exactly. Or someone can pull strings for you if they have power.
Maura: Exactly, it can work in all different ways, depends on who has the power. So what are some examples of where people might pull strings?
Harp: Well, there was that concert I wanted to go to last night.
Maura: OK.
Harp: Well I pulled some strings. I called my friend and he got me some tickets.

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