Catch Word #33 – Get it over with

Sometimes studying another language is really hard. We wish we could just get it over with and speak the language well. That is today’s expression to get something over with. We usually use this expression when we have an obligation to do something that we don’t want to do. We use the examples of homework and cleaning toilets!


Expressions included in the learning materialsgetitoverwith

  • To get it over with
  • To get something over with
  • Would rather
  • Have to
  • May as well
  • To ruin
  • The last minute
  • The rest of (something)
  • Ugh
  • To put off

Sample transcript

Maura: The expression today is “to get something over with”.
Jessie: “To get something over with.”
Maura: Yeah, we usually say, “to get it over with”.
Jessie: Yeah, but we usually don’t say it that slow.
Maura: No, I’m saying it slow so that everyone listening can hear the words that I’m saying.
Jessie: So how does it sound if you were saying it in normal conversation?
Maura: Well, we say it very fast, we say “get it over with”.
Jessie: Right, so the ”t” kind of mixes with the “over”.
Maura: Exactly, it doesn’t sound like a hard “t” sound, so the real slow expression is “to get it over with”.
Jessie: “To get it over with.”
Maura: “To get it over with”, right that’s how we naturally say it. So now that we know what it sounds like. What does it mean?


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