Catch Word #32 – Rain Check

The expression rain check in this episode has a few different meanings. The first one is described in the transcript below. And of course is connected to rain. Another kind of rain check is used in a story. And another one is used when people cancel plans. Get to know all the explanations by listening to this episode!


Expressions included in the learning materialsraincheck

  • A rain check
  • To take a rain check
  • (It’s) worth it
  • None left
  • Over/finished
  • Vague
  • Solid plans
  • To reschedule
  • ’Til/Till

Sample transcript

Jessie: Today’s expression is “rain check”.
Maura: Yes, a rain check.
Jessie: Rain check. Rain check is kind of neat because it has a few different types of definitions.
Maura: OK.
Jessie: So let’s start off with the very literal definition. The first, and still a meaning, was kind of given to fans when they went to see an outdoor sports event if it rained and the event was cancelled. So, if they had that ticket they could either get their money back, because they didn’t get to watch that game or they could get into the next event free, the next time.
Maura: OK, so that makes sense, if there is an event and it rains, you get a rain check for the next event, when hopefully it is a sunny day.
Jessie: Right.
Maura: OK, what else do you have?
Jessie: OK, so another meaning for rain check is sometimes used at a store…


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