Curious Question #20 – Silent p

Sometimes English pronunciation is very difficult. Sometimes we spell words quite differently from how they sound. This happens often because the word originally comes from another language. This is the case with the silent P that comes at the beginning of some words. (As we don’t hear the P when we speak, this could be a more difficult podcast for some.


Sample transcript:

Maura: So she is really asking if we can give some other examples of words that are spelled with the letter P as the first letter – but we don’t pronounce the P. She is asking for more of these words that start with a P that we don’t pronounce.
Harp: Did everyone out there know this already? That when we say the word psychology, we do not pronounce the p at the beginning. Psychology is the science and study of the mind and human behaviour.
Maura: Of course if you’re listening, you only hear the s sound but when we write the word psychology it actually starts with the letter p which is not pronounced.
Harp: So to answer Anais’s question, there are not very many words where we do not pronounce the p. But there are a few words.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Asami