Curious Question #21 – Wedding anniversaries

Eliza from China emailed to ask us about Wedding Anniversaries. Here we talk about different ways to wish someone a happy anniversary, what couples do on their anniversaries and the special names of some anniversaries. If you’re married or not, listen below.


Sample transcript:

Harp: And for other more special anniversaries people celebrate with parties, with their family and friends.

Robin: Right, but this is only for big anniversaries, like 25 years, maybe 30, 40 or 50 years. Usually big parties come after the couple has been married a long time.
Harp: Yes, sometimes it is the children of the couple who plan a big party for the parents’ wedding anniversary. You know I actually did this for my parents’ 25th Anniversary.
Robin: Did you?
Harp: Yeah I planned a party with my 2 sisters.
Robin: Really? Were there a lot of people?
Harp: Yeah, there were actually about 60 people. but it was actually a surprise party, which was fun. They didn’t know that we were going to throw them a party. Yeah, it was a special anniversary. It is also interesting to know that there are different kinds of anniversary names. Eliza said it was her teacher’s 39th anniversary. The 39th anniversary does not have a special name, but the 40th does. The 40th wedding anniversary is Ruby.
Robin: Oh really? I didn’t know that. These names for wedding anniversaries are not used as much anymore.
Harp: Yeah, they aren’t used as much, but some people do know them.
Robin: I know that the 50th anniversary is very important. It is called the Gold Anniversary.
Harp: Exactly, the Gold Anniversary. The Gold Anniversary is still pretty well known and used. It is very impressive if you can be married for 50 years! So it’s usually a big celebration.
Robin: Indeed. And the 25th is the Silver Anniversary.
Harp: Yeah, I remember that from my parents’ anniversary. The 25th wedding anniversary is Silver. That’s another big one that people like to celebrate with family and friends.


Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: amandabhslater