Catch Word #35 – Hit it off

If you are single and looking for a partner, then you are looking to hit it off with someone. You can also hit it off with a new friend, a new boss or colleague, or any new person in your life. We also look at the similar expressions, to get along and to have chemistry. These expressions are all used a bit differently, so listen to this episode to find out how!


Expressions included in the learning materialshititoff

  • To  hit it off
  • To  get along
  • To have chemistry
  • A blind date
  • To set up (someone) with (someone)
  • There’s lots vs. There are lots
  • Company
  • I heard (to hear something)
  • At all

Sample transcript

Maura: So, to hit it off can be used with just friends but it can also be used in a romantic kind of way.
Jessie: Yeah, if you were going on a blind date, meeting someone for the first time that one of your friends set you up with and they asked you how it went later, you might say, “Oh, we really hit it off.”
Maura: Right, which means that it was the first date but you really liked each other right away.
Jessie: Right.
Maura: Or maybe you could say, “We didn’t hit it off.”
Jessie: Yes, if you didn’t like each other you could say you didn’t hit it off.

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