Catch Word #34 – There are plenty of fish in the sea

Many different languages around the world have this expression. Do you have this expression in your language? Listen to this episode about There are plenty of fish in the sea and see if you recognize a similar expression in your native language.

Hint: This expression is often used when talking about relationships that didn’t work out.


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Plenty of fish
  • To get away i
  • To break up
  • Yes, yeah and yup
  • (There are plenty of jobs) out there
  • Predominantly
  • To console
  • To put up
  • Me neither

Sample transcript

Jessie: So the expression There are plenty of fish in the sea means that there are other options available. So, just like if you were going fishing and you caught a fish but at the last minute he got away, someone might say, “Well, don’t worry. There are plenty of fish in the sea.” So that means you can easily catch another fish.

Harp: Exactly. So now, you can use this expression in different ways, but the most common one is used in reference to relationships.

Jessie: Right, so a boyfriend or a girlfriend. So it’s almost like saying that you are catching a boyfriend like you are catching a fish. So if you break up with your boyfriend, it’s like the fish got away.

Harp: Exactly! So you would use it when someone is sad about being alone or sad because they just broke up with someone. You would say, “Don’t worry. There are plenty of fish in the sea.”
Jessie: Right. So that person might be thinking, “Oh, I lost my boyfriend, I’ll never fall in love again, I’ll be alone forever,” but you say, “No, no, there are plenty of fish in the sea.”
Harp: Exactly. So that means that there are plenty of other guys or girls out there to date and to fall in love with.
Jessie: Right, sometimes we say there are plenty more fish in the sea, meaning that there are more than just the one you had.
Harp: Yup. Jessie: So, we usually use this expression talking about relationships, boyfriends or girlfriends, but sometimes we use it about other things too. We could use it about a job or a contract.

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