Catch Word #36 – To come down with something

Are you healthy? Or are you coming down with something? Have you been sick for a few days and feeling under the weather? Or maybe you are lucky and are getting over it? In this episode we look at some casual expressions to talk about being sick, from the beginning of your cold to the end!


Expressions included in the learning materialsflu

  • To come down with something
  • Eh?
  • A coincidence
  • To feel under the weather
  • To get over something
  • Get better soon!
  • Sore throat and other symptoms
    • Fever (high temperature)
    • Fatigue (feeling very tired)
    • Sneezing (involuntary rush of air through nose and mouth, sounds like Ah-choo)
    • Aches (sore muscles)

Sample transcript

Jessie: Well, I’m a little bit sick.
Maura: Yeah, I can hear it in your voice, you’re not feeling well, eh?
Jessie: Yeah, my nose is kind of stuffed up, feels like it’s blocked, I’m coughing a lot.
Maura: Yeah, I understand, I was actually sick last week.
Jessie: Yeah, you’re feeling better now?
Maura: Yeah, my throat hurt a lot and I was tired, but I’m feeling better.
Jessie: That’s good.
Maura: OK, let’s look at today’s expression.
Jessie: Well, it is kind of a coincidence, ‘cause the first expression that we are going to look at today is coming down with something.
Maura: Yeah, to come down with something.
Jessie: If you are coming down with something that means you are starting to get sick.


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