Catch Word #39 – Off the hook

Have you ever been in trouble? If you have been in trouble, then you have probably wanted to be out of trouble too! In this episode we look at expressions that mean out of trouble, like off the hook and in the clear. Listen and find out how we use them!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Off the hook
  • Hang around
  • Have to / must
  • Out of trouble
  • Outta
  • In the clear
  • Fined / late fees

Sample transcript

Maura: OK, so let’s give an example for this definition.
Harp: OK.
Maura: A friend of mine was actually arrested by the police recently, Harp.
Harp: Really?
Maura: Yeah, for robbing a bank.
Harp: Wow, I didn’t know that you hung around those sorts of people.
Maura: Well, actually I don’t. My friend didn’t do it. So after a couple hours the police saw that it wasn’t my friend that did it, so then my friend was off the hook.
Harp: OK, so, your friend was no longer blamed for robbing the bank.

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