Catch Word #38 – To push someone’s buttons

Of course we all need to push some buttons to turn on a computer or our MP3 players. But to push someone’s buttons has a very different meaning from that literal meaning. In fact, it’s usually not a good idea to push someone’s buttons! In this episode, we look at three expressions, to push buttons, to have had enough and to freak out.


Expressions included in the learning materialspushbutton

  • To push someone’s buttons
  • To push some buttons
  • To annoy, bother, pester and irritate
  • Over and over / again and again
  • Comes to mind
  • To have enough / to have had enough
  • Mildly/slightly
  • To remain clam
  • To freak out
  • To recap/a recap
  • That about does it

Sample transcript

Robin: You pester them, you bother them, you annoy them. And often times after you push someone’s buttons, they get upset.
Harp: Exactly.
Robin: They get upset. And there’s another expression that we use when we get very upset, when someone has pushed our buttons and we can’t tolerate it any longer. What is that expression?
Harp: This expression is to have enough or to have had enough.
Robin: Absolutely to have had enough. I have had enough, I can’t take it any longer. I’m mad and you have pushed my buttons.

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