Chatterbox #16 – Labour Day

Labour Day is the last holiday of summer in Canada and the US. Jessie and Maura talk about Labour Day and its origins, as well as what we now do on this holiday. Other topics in this episode include the rule of not wearing white after Labour Day, summer memories and Back to school. Help us celebrate the summer by listening to this episode!


Expressions included in the learning materialsbeachfamily

  • Deserve
  • No white clothes after Labour Day
  • In the country
  • Cottages
  • The Great Lakes
  • Gaspésie
  • Montreal Festivals
  • School Supplies
  • School Supplies

Sample transcript

Maura: Today we are going to talk about summertime and Labour Day.
Jessie: Right! That makes sense because it is almost the end of summer.
Maura: Right! So, what is Labour Day?
Jessie: Well, Labour Day is a holiday in Canada and the US. It happens on the first Monday of September.
Maura: Exactly! So, it is a holiday in Canada and the US. And what do people normally do on Labour Day?
Jessie: Well, despite the name Labour Day—people actually do not do labour, they relax. They have a break from labour, or work.
Maura: Right, so they treat Labour Day as a regular holiday: people relax, they go to the beach, travel with family.
Jessie: Lots of people barbecue, eat outside.
Maura: Yeah, sometimes they have fireworks. So, the Labour Day is a fun day.


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