Curious Question #22 – No matter what

No matter what is a common expression used by English speakers. The question in this episode comes from Ae Sun who heard this expression used while she was watching TV. There are also other similar expressions like, no matter what happens and no matter who/when/why/where/which/how. Check out this episode to find out how to use this expression like a native speaker.



Sample transcript:

Maura: We use the expression no matter what when we’re talking about doing something, some kind of action. When we say we will do something no matter what, it means that we will do the action even if it’s difficult. We will do it.
Harp: Yeah, it’s like saying that it isn’t important what happens. You will complete the action. So, it shows a strong feeling about the action. So even if something is difficult, or if you have to try really hard different ways, it’s still the same result.
Maura: Let’s give an example.
Harp: Hey, are you going to the party? Did your parents say you could go, or are you grounded?
Maura: I’m going to the party no matter what.
Harp: All right! See you there

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast