Catch Word #43 – To Wing It

At Culips, we plan our episodes in advance, we don’t just wing it. You can be specific and say that people can wing presentations or speeches, or you can simply say “wing it.” When you are not prepared, but you have to do something, you should try winging it


Expressions included in the learning materialsimprovisation

  • To wing it
  • To improvise/Improvisation/Improv
  • Off the cuff
  • On the Fly
  • To be on the spot/to put someone on the spot
  • Off the top of one’s head

Sample transcript

Maura: So today we’re going to do the Catchword episode, and what is the expression we’re going to look at today?
Harp: The expression is… to wing it.
Maura: Yeah it’s a funny one: to wing it. To wing it means to do something with very little or no preparation at all.
Harp: To wing it; it’s when you improvise. Maura: Right, you do something in the moment – you didn’t plan it before.
Harp: Exactly. Should we give an example?
Maura: Let’s give a dialogue example, OK.
Maura:Hey Harp, how was work today?
Harp: It was good. I had a presentation to give.
Maura: Oh really?
Harp: Yeah, I didn’t have any time to prepare for it so I had to wing it.
Maura: How did it go?
Harp: It went really well. I was on the spot, I improvised and people really enjoyed it.
Maura: Yeah, some people don’t need to prepare in advance.
Harp: I usually do but this time I winged it and it worked.
Maura: So in that example, Harp, you had a presentation, you didn’t plan it, it was spontaneous – you winged it.
Harp: Exactly.
Maura: Alright, great. Let’s give another example.
Harp: Hey Maura, how’s school going?
Maura: Yeah, it’s going alright. I had a project this week but I was so busy I couldn’t do any research before, so I just had to wing it and I did the project with, like, no research.