Catch Word #44 – All Talk and No Action

Do you talk about doing something but never do it? Then other people might be saying that you are all talk. People can be all talk at work, or they can be all talk about some plans they have for their future. Do you think that being all talk is a good thing?


Expressions included in the learning materialsalltalk

  • All talk and no action
  • “The greatest talkers are always the least doers”
  • To follow up
  • It’s sad
  • Empty words, empty speech, empty promise
  • Speech/speeches
  • At the last minute

Sample transcript

Harp: Yeah, the full expression is to be all talk and no action. So they talk about it but they don’t take any action.Maura: So this is a more literal expression, you can see the meaning in it.

Harp: Exactly.

Maura: But usually or sometimes we don’t say the full expression we just say that someone is all talk.

Harp: Yeah exactly. Sometimes people say something but they never have the intention of doing it.

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