Catch Word #47 – Corny

Sometimes movies are corny, or music is corny. It is a fun adjective that can describe just about anything. A synonym for corny is cheesy, and it has nothing to do with cheese! Check out this episode to hear our corny examples.


Expressions included in the learning materialscorny_jokes

  • Corny and corniness
  • Cheesy
  • Cliché
  • Lame
  • Corny versus cool
  • Um, oh, ah, ugh ..
  • Corny jokes

Sample transcript

Harp: Our Catch Word today is corny.
Jessie: Corny.
Harp: Corny.
Jessie: I like it.
Harp: I like it as well.
Jessie: So, does that mean having to do with corn?
Harp: Um, no, not at all.
Jessie: What does it mean?
Harp: Something that is corny is something that is cliché, unoriginal; it’s
Jessie: OK, so corny is an adjective describing something that’s not very sophisticated, maybe kind of sentimental.
Harp: Yeah, exactly.
Jessie: Not original.
Harp: No, not original.
Jessie: You know, my grandfather tells really corny jokes.
Harp: Really, what kind of jokes?
Jessie: Well, they’re the kind of jokes that no one really laughs, everybody just kind
of goes, ugh.
Harp: Oh, the jokes where you groan, not laugh.

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