Chatterbox # 19 – Canadian Food, Comfort Food and Potlucks

Everyone eats, but we all have different habits and favorite foods. The food you eat is often cultural. In this episode Harp and Maura try to explain what Canadian food is. They also talk about comfort food and what typical North American comfort food is. Potlucks are also a popular way to have a meal in a group. Harp and Maura love potlucks so they share their experiences with you. Are you feeling hungry yet?


Expressions included in the learning materialscomfortfood

  • comfort food
  • potlucks
  • Canadian food
  • Poutine
  • Ooey gooey
  • Could go for something
  • Help yourself
  • Wolf down
  • My eyes are bigger than my stomach
  • Crave
  • Grab a bite to eat
  • Written versus spoken English

Sample transcript

Harp: Yeah, and we’re also going to talk about comfort food.
Maura: Yeah, so potlucks and comfort food, but first we’re going to talk about Canadian food.
Harp: Exactly, but that’s kind of weird because what kind of food is Canadian food?
Maura: Yeah, it’s a really hard topic actually. I remember I was in France, maybe five years ago, and someone there asked me “what is a typical Canadian dish?” And honestly Harp, I couldn’t think of anything.
Harp: Yeah, I’ve been in the exact same situation. The answer that I would give would be poutine

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