Chatterbox #18 – Pet Peeves

Everyone has personal pet peeves that bother you. Someone’s pet peeves are usually cultural. Pet peeves are usually small, day-to-day things. Are you curious about what pet peeves are now? Listen to this episode to find out what they are. All of the Culips members share their personal pet peeves too!

Expressions included in the learning materialspetpeeves

  • Chatter
  • Pet peeves
  • It’s driving me crazy!
  • To show up
  • Ugh!
  • Unspoken rule
  • Has to do with
  • Stickers/sticky
  • Honking
  • To sign off
  • Folks
  • Scraping your nails on a blackboard/Tapping them on a desk

Sample transcript

Robin: What are some common pet peeves?
Maura: Well, a friend of mine really hates when people chew and eat with their mouth open.
Robin: OK.
Maura: …when they are eating but their mouth is open and you can hear what is going on in there and maybe they are talking at the same time.
Robin: That’s definitely one of my pet peeves too.
Maura: Yeah, so some pet peeves are really common and they bother or annoy a lot of people but pet peeves are kind of individual, like some thing that is my pet peeve that really bothers me, maybe is something that doesn’t bother you Robin, right?
Robin: Absolutely, it all depends on the person.

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