Catch Word # 48 – Chicken

Are you a chicken? In this episode we look at a familiar word but show you how it can be used in another way. Most of you probably know that a chicken is a kind of bird. And you can also probably imagine a chicken dinner. There is another funny way that we use chicken in English. Check it out here…or are you a chicken?


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Chicken
  • Bawk, bawk
  • To chicken out (of something)
  • Maybe next time
  • To ask someone out
  • Scaredy cat/’Fraidy cat
  • Scared/afraid/frightened …

Sample transcript

Maura: Bawk, bawk, bawk, Chicken!
Harp: Yes, our Catchword today is chicken.
Maura: Which for many of you listening out there…I’m sure you are thinking, “I already know the word chicken. It’s an animal.” But we do use it in another way.
Harp: Exactly, there is slang use for chicken.
Maura: Exactly. So you already know the original meaning of the word, which is the animal, but in English sometimes we use chicken to describe a person who is very afraid of something.
Harp: Yeah, someone who is scared of things.

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