Catch Word #50 – Shrug it off

In this episode, Robin and Jessie discuss the expression to shrug something off. Check out the picture here to see an example of someone shrugging. In certain situations a person may want to shrug it off, or have to roll with the punches, and afterwards pick up the pieces. Listen to hear how all these expressions are used differently.

Expressions included in the learning materialsshrugitoff

  • To shrug it off
  • To roll with the punches
  • To pick up the pieces
  • To go with the flow
  • I’ll see what I can do
  • To move on
  • To brush it off
  • Like water off a duck’s back

Sample transcript

Jessie: So, I know that another example that I would have at work is sometimes, if my boss says something about my work, maybe gives me some criticism, says something I could be doing better, sometimes that kind of hurts my feelings but I know that it’s just work, it’s just my job. So I try to just shrug it off, and, you know, not get upset about it, not care, just shrug it off.
Robin: Forget about it. It’s not a big deal.
Jessie: So, are there any other expressions that we can use to talk about dealing with problems?
Robin: Absolutely. Another expression that we use to deal with problems is to roll with the punches.

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