Chatterbox #20 – Alethe the Aussie!

Have you ever wanted to travel around the world? Well, that is just what Alethe is doing! We met with her while she was in Canada on her trip around the world. Originally from Australia, she tells us about the places she has visited, her impressions of Canada and where she is headed next. If you are thinking about travelling or just dream of doing it, listen to her stories.

Expressions included in the learning materialsbackpacker

  • Mum/mom
  • To end up – To end up has a similar meaning to “resulting in”, like finally or in the end. To end up is pretty common and particular to certain situations. Here are more examples using to end up.
    • Alison: Did you get all your shopping done today?
    • Tonisha: No! I ended up meeting a friend instead
  • A mid-life crisis
  • A rite of passage
  • Jumper/sweater and Toque/beanie
  • Vancouver Island
  • Both worlds

Sample transcript

Alethe: Yes, I am Australian however my name is French. My mum’s sister was living in Switzerland when I was born so my name is Swiss French.

Maura: Oh, OK. Yeah, that’s an interesting point because our accents are a little bit different. If you listen to this podcast regularly you usually hear Canadian, North American accents but you do not have a Canadian accent.

Alethe: No, I have no Canadian in me. I was born in Australia, and have always lived in Australia. However I like to take little side kicks everywhere I go.

Maura: So you’re from Australia but you’re in Canada. So, how did you end up here?

Alethe: Well, I had a mid-life crisis at 25 and decided I wanted to go and travel the world.

Maura: OK, yeah, I think a lot of Australians travel.

Alethe: Yes.

Maura: They’re everywhere around the world.

Alethe: Yes. It’s a very common thing for Australians. We finish high school, we go to university, we work for a couple of years and then we travel.

Maura: It’s almost like a rite of passage.

Alethe: Yes.

Maura: OK cool. So, you did that. You went to school, you worked and then you decided that you wanted to do a trip around the world, right? You are doing a trip right now around the world, right?

Alethe: Yes, of course.

Maura: That sounds awesome and long.

Alethe: Yes, both of the above.

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