Catch Word #53 – Rip off

Have you ever spent a lot of money on something and then felt that it was too much money? Then you may have felt ripped off! In this episode, we look at the differences between a rip off and to be ripped off. We also examine the expression highway robbery. We also look at the other side, when you buy something and get a deal or a bargain! That feels much better!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • A rip off
  • To rip off (someone)
  • Overpriced
  • Value
  • Highway robbery
  • Bandits
  • To point out
  • All of the sudden
  • A steal
  • Bargain/Deal
  • No way

Sample transcript


Harp: So what is a rip off?

Robin: A rip off is something that costs more than it‘s actual value.

Harp: OK, so something that is overpriced.

Robin: Something that is overpriced. So if you buy a pair of socks for $20 you’re probably getting ripped off. Harp: Yeah, if you can buy the same socks for $2, the twenty dollar socks are a rip off.

Robin: Especially if those socks have holes in them and they’re not of good quality.

Harp: Yeah for sure, then.

Robin: OK.

Harp: Should we give a dialogue explaining rip off?

Robin: Absolutely.

Robin: Hey Harp, did you get the shoes that you were looking for?

Harp: Yeah, I got them.

Robin: Seriously, you don’t seem so happy. Were they …

Harp: I got ripped off. I paid a thousand dollars.

Robin: What? You paid a thousand dollars for those shoes?

Harp: I know I got completely ripped off.

Robin: Weren’t they on sale for seventy-five dollars?

Harp: Robin, I saw that after and I can’t return these shoes.

Robin: Wow.

Harp: I got ripped off.

Robin: OK, so in that example Harp paid a lot of money for something that was worth a lot less.

Harp: Exactly I got ripped off.

Robin: Absolutely so this is a perfect example of how you might use that expression. Something can be a rip off.

Harp: Mm-hm yes.

Robin: Those shoes, because they’re not of good quality, are a rip off or you can rip somebody off.


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