Catch Word # 51 – Wannabe

Wannabe is a slang word that comes from putting the words want to be together into one word. Do you know what this word means? It has been used in many pop songs, movies and television shows. If you wanna be a natural English speaker, check out this episode!

Expressions included in the learning materialswannabe

  • A wannabe
  • Wanna be (verb)
  • Wannabe surfers
  • To come out
  • Provocative
  • To look up to
  • Debt
  • Poseur
  • Shhh

Sample transcript

Maura: For sure, it’s never a good thing to call someone a wannabe.
Jessie: Right. And of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to be something, if you want to be a doctor and you’re working to be a doctor that’s great.
Maura: Right, in that case, probably no one would call you a wannabe.
Jessie: A wannabe is someone who is just pretending that they’re something they are not.
Maura: Exactly, that’s a very important distinction. So what about the word itself, wannabe, it’s kind of funny?
Jessie: Yeah, I think this slang term is actually pretty new.
Maura: Yeah, it originated sometime in the 1980s, which wasn’t that long ago.

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