Catch Word #57 – Fishy

Have you ever found someone’s story a bit suspicious? Did you ever meet someone who didn’t seem like they were who they said they were? You could say that this was fishy! In this episode we talk about the meaning of fishy, funny (different from humorous), and to say that something isn’t right. Check out this episode to get all the details!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Fishy
  • Odour
  • To call in sick (to work)
  • A fish story
  • Not at all
  • UFO

Sample transcript

Maura: The expression for today’s episode is fishy.

Harp: Fishy.

Maura: Yeah, like something is fishy, or something smells fishy.

Harp: OK, so something is fishy, something smells fishy.

Maura: Yeah, so what does it mean when something is fishy?

Harp: When something is fishy it’s questionable, something seems suspicious. How else would you describe it?

Maura: Yeah, if we say that something is fishy, we believe that there is something strange about it.

Harp: OK. Maura, do you know the origin of this expression?

Maura: Well, there are a few possibilities but the most interesting one is that it actually comes from the smell of a fish.

Harp: Oh, OK

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