Catch Word # 56 – To Brush Up On

You might be checking out this Culips episode because you are brushing up on your English! In this episode we look at three expressions that mean exactly the same thing: to brush up on, to bone up on, to polish up on. These expressions are good to know if you are studying something you already know or refreshing some of your old skills.


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To brush up on (something)
  • Time went by
  • To lose (your French)
  • Rusty
  • To come across
  • To polish up on (something)
  • Good for you
  • That does it

Sample transcript

Robin: And today we have a Catch Word that is a little bit special because we got an email from Italy.
Jessie: Yeah.
Robin: From a German woman who’s teaching German and English in Italy, in fact.
Jessie: Yeah, she teaches conversation lessons.
Robin: And her name is Bernadette. We’d like to say hi Bernadette.
Jessie: Hello.
Robin: And she wanted us to do an episode about the expression to brush up on something.
Jessie: Yeah, to brush up on something. And I think that is a great phrase for our Catch Word podcast.
Robin: Absolutely. What does it mean?
Jessie: Well, to brush up on something is to refresh your memory or to relearn something, to study something that you already kind of know, but you need to improve on.

Podcast/ Lipservice, Photo: alicejamieson